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2015 Bronze sculpture (50 duplicates) for the ‘Pelicano Foundation’ - Brussels
2013 Design of label “Champagne Vitse-Boydens”
2012 Prize Jeanne Devos, Brussels
Brass sculpture for “J. Saelens – BLOSO center”, Bruges
2010 HandicapART vzw, Lissewege - Coach: Hubert Minnebo
2009 Design of the award for the best West Flemish football player of all times (Raoul Lambert, Bruges)
2008 Brass relief for villa-hotel Escale, De Panne (Belgian coast)
  Brass sculpture on market-square (present of Rotary Club Tielt), Tielt, West Flanders
  Bronze relief for 50 years KATHO Roeselare (University College, Roeselare, West Flanders)
  Monograph Hubert Minnebo, edited by Stichting Kunstboek, Oostkamp, West Flanders
  Bronze sculptures at the Belgian Pavilion at the Zaragoza World Exhibition, Spain
  Hubert Minnebo on Wikipedia
  Hubert Minnebo Member of 'De Oostendenoaere', Oostende
  Television Special on VRT1 and FOCUS-TV regarding 'Golden desire' – exposition of 50 years of Hubert Minnebo, Venetian Galleries, Oostende
2007 Video His attitude illustrated his bushido. Produced by: DeWa Films, Camera & Editing by Désiré Verslype & Walter Eeckhoudt, Sound editing by Arnold Buffel
2006 'Installation', brass sculpture and two brass benches, Residence Jatbecha, Jabbeke, West Flanders
2005 Bronze sculptures, Belgian Pavilion, World Exhibition in Aichi, Japan
Two beaten brass sculptures, in front of Seamen's Building "Godtschalck", Ostend
'Sundial', sculpture, 8 m. high, beaten brass, Cotton Storage Company Burcht Singelberg, Kallo-Beveren, East Flanders
2004 Two beaten brass sculptures, in front of St. Elisabeth hospital, Zottegem
2003 Beaten brass relief, 11 metre, in front of apartments building "Venuskam" in Ostend
2002 "VolHart", bibliophilic edition deluxe, with Willie Verhegghe
2001 Awarded with the Golden Feniks 2000, Price on Culture of the region Houtland, Torhout.
2000 Beaten brass sculpture & small bronze sculptures, Belgian Pavilion, World Exhibition in Hanseatic Hanover, Germany
Installed as Knight in the Order of the Crown.
Three beaten brass sculptures for "Living Tomorrow II", Vilvoorde.
Beaten brass sculpture for "Le Canonnier", Football Club Royal Excelsior Mouscron, Mouscron.
Design: Prix Jean Faucher, bits, Paris 2000.
"EUROPA", een multimedial project, in collaboration with Frans Boenders and Jean-Luc Dehaene.
"De Fallus in Kunst en Cultuur", Johan Mattelaer. Reproducties van verschillende juwelen
1999 "BHUTAN. Monasteries and spirits". A photo book of Hubert Minnebo. Text of Winand Callewaert. Publisher: Pandora, Antwerpen.
1998 Small bronze sculptures & gold jewels, Belgian Pavilion, World Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal
Inauguration of two beaten brass sculptures for the Queen Paola General Children's Hospital, Campus Middelheim, Antwerp.
Beaten brass sculpture for Nur Touristic Benelux, Zwijnaarde-Ghent.
Travel Awards, Travel Magazine-BTF, Mechelen ('98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10)
1997 Beaten brass sculpture, 7,2 meter high for St. Mary's Hospital, Halle.
"Kailash, the way of the Mountain". A photo book, illustrated by Hubert Minnebo with sonnets of Frans Boenders, introduced by Winand Callewaert. Publisher: Pandora Publishing, Antwerp.
1996 Iris-Trophy International, Agfa-Gevaert, Antwerp.
1995 Bronze sculpture commissioned as award by Flanders Art Treasures Collection, Tielt.
Bronze door handles for the go of "International Consulting", Ostend.
Zeri-Trophy, The United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan ('95),Chattannooga, Tennessee, U.S.A. ('96); Jakarta, Indonesia ('97), Windhuk, Namibië ('98),
Ubud, Bali ('99).
Bronze sculpture for the Food Institute, Bruges.
Bronze sculpture for the National Archives, Bruges.
1994 Design "Beer and Gastronomy award 1994", Alken-Maes Brewery - Bilzen.
Bronze sculture for the Salvator Hospital, Hasselt.
Beaten brass sculpture for the Cultural Center, Hasselt.
Beaten brass sculpture for Living Tomorrow, Vilvoorde.
1993 Design "4X4 of the Year" Award, magazine "4X4PLUS", Sint-Niklaas.
Design "Pieter Pourbus" and "Georges de Wandeleer"; awards ordered by the Belgian Confederation of Real Estate Professions; Middelkerke.
1992 Small bronze sculptures & gold jewels, Belgian Pavilion, World Exhibition in Sevilla, Spain
Bronze sculpture for the Hasselt - Province Hall.
Associate of the Brussels "De Warande".
Design crystal "Culinary Award", Culinary Environment, Antwerp.
1991 Beaten brass sculpture for the Ministry of Transport, Brussels.
Design: Grand Prix 1991, Zoute Jumping Classic, Knokke-Heist.
Design 'European Manager of the Year' Award, Madrid ('91), Düsseldorf ('92).
Photographic illustration "Vietnam Scenes", Roularta Media Group, Brussels.
1990 Bronze sculpture for the 10th anniversary of Neckermann Travel, Ghent.
Retrospective exhibition at the Market Halls of the Belfry of Bruges.
Photographic illustration of the B.R.T. edition of Frans Boenders's "Sublime and hardly anything - a Japanese diary".
Group of seven bronze sculptures for S.W.I.F.T. , Terhulpen.
1989 "Honoris Causa" in the Order of the 33 Belgian Chefs ("Maîtres cuisiniers").
Beaten brass sculpture for Mechim, Louvain-La-Neuve.
1988 Beaten brass sculpture for the "Blauwe Toren" cemetery in Bruges.
Art monography "Hubert Minnebo" (Dutch, French, English) by Fernand Bonneure. Lannoo Edition (Tielt).
Bronze sculpture for Etivoet, Deinze.
1987 Bronze sculpture for the V.K.W.-building of Antwerp.
Photographic illustration of Frans Boenders's "Tibetan Diary". B.R.T. Edition.
1986 Design of E.S.I.F. Award, Keerbergen ( '87 - '88 - '89 - '90 - '91).
Design 12th International Award "Leonardo Da Vinci" for the Brussels Rotary Club.
1985 First Overview Exhibition: "15 years of bronze, 10 years of gold". Casino of Ostend.
Luxury edition in conjunction with Frans Boenders: "Zouave in Amor's Service: fictitious images, etched texts".
1984 Nominated Knight in the Order of Leopold II.
1983 Member of the Ostend branch of the "Order of the Prince".
1982 Monography by Philippe Cruysmans in the series "Art Poche" and by Frans Boenders in the series "Kunstboek" (Artbook). Publisher: "Les Editeurs d'Arts Associés", Brussels.
15 meter high Beaten brass sculpture for the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
1980 Designs "Baccara Award" for the Middelkerke Casino.
1978 RTL "The magic Lantern", 15-minute documentary about Hubert Minnebo by Philippe Cruysmans.
Monography "Hubert Minnebo". Publisher: "Terre d'Europe", Brussels.
Film "Hubert Minnebo" (16 mm, colour, sound track , 1/2 hour). Producer: Roger Claeys.
1977 Working subsidized by the Belgian government.
1975 Golden jewellery; pendants, rings, brooches, pins, bracelets, ... (unique pieces).
1974 Settles down at Stalhille (Groot-Jabbeke). Residence, foundry, exhibition room.
1973 Working subsidized by the Belgian government.
1970 Seven meter high sculpture for the Belgian Pavillion at the Osaka World Exhibition (Japan).
Establishment of bronze foundry (lost wax method).
1969 Monography in the Arts Paperback Series at Van Wiemeersch's, Ghent.
1968 Decoration of the Lovanium University Church facade, Zaire.
1966 Gold Medal at the Firenze International Exhibition (Italy).
1963 College of Education (HNO):
Obtained qualification of Plastic Arts Teacher Training at Ghent.
Participates in the 3rd Youth Biennale in Paris, under O. Landuyt's guidance.
1958 First personal exhibition (Ostend).
1940 Born in Bruges on the 6th of February.

From 1979 - onward Minnebo has travelled extensively to India, Sikkim, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Pakistan, China, Central and West Tibet, Hawai'i, Japan, Egypt, Vietnam, La Ruta Maya (Yucatan, Guatemala, Honduras), Bolivia, Laos, Cambodja, Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, (Northeast of India) Mustang, the last forbidden kingdom (Northwest of Nepal), Zuid-Afrika (West- en Oostkaap), Mali, Ladakh and Zanskar


Hubert Minnebo
Hubert Minnebo


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